Breathe Earth Collective – AIRSHIP 01: Kulturwald – mobile forest


Als Mitglied des freue ich mich bekannt zu geben, dass unser AIRSHIP 01 – Kulturwald am 15.06.2016 in Padua eröffnet wurde!

„Airship 01“ – a mobile landscape installation will be presented for the first time in Padua, Milan and Rome. Entering the Airship installation, visitors can feel a rich sensual experience with the whole body and can refresh themselves in the middle of a forest glade, open to the sky – in the center of the city.

Airship 01 will present a new way of interlinking ideas and principles of designing with nature and climate in the urban context.

The blank and shiny surface is aiming to create a maximum contrast within the exitsing surrounding city.  At night the translucent membrane has a shiny appearance. Trees, shrubs or leaves of the forest inside will become visible on the surface.  During the day the sun is reflected by the metallic membrane and allows to create an active dialogue with the forest patch in the inside – a cool and fresh atmosphere for he visitors.
Selected Austrian forest ecotypes together with fog nozzles create a unique sensual experience within this hybrid of nature and technology. Airship 01 works completely independently and can be reassembled and set up in any other location. The electiricty will be provided by a photovoltaic system and water will be refilled daily with fresh drinking water to serve the fog system.

In 2016 the Airship will travel from Padua, Milano to Rome. Further stations are planned also in 2017.

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